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    We are planning to take a trip beginning in June in our camper. We are leaving Key West and heading to San Diego. We have no time restraints. We are looking for some advice on the best route to take. I would like to avoid any long steep grades if possible, so a direct route is not a factor. We are going to stay in state and national parks and also military famcamps. Thanx in advance.

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    The most direct route will be to go up through Florida and then just get on I-10 and eventually I-8, and take that all the way across to San Diego. That route is also the flattest route, although all interstates have relatively gradual grades.

    Beyond that, its tough to say anything more. There is no single best route for any trip, and almost any way you go could include a good number of state and national parks. If you have some ideas for what you would like to do or where you'd like to go, we might be able to be more help, but otherwise, we're kind of throwing darts in the dark.

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    If you are trying to avoid hard climbs, stay on I-10 and take that all the way to I-215/I-15 and take that down to San Diego. I-10 is flatter than I-8 in California.

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