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  1. Default Route 2 Michgan to Seattle

    I'm thinking of taking this route to get to Seattle. Any thoughts/comments?



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    Default Why vs. Why Not?

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    There's absolutely nothing wrong with deciding to follow a given highway to "see where it goes" and certainly US-2 goes through some interesting country between Michigan and Seattle. Just be aware that taking it rather than I-90/I-94 could double your driving time. You'll see some small town America that you wouldn't see from the Interstate, so don't be afraid to follow your nose or any interesting signs that lead you away from it for a while.


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    Actually it sounds like a facinating trip. In doing my research for my Seattle->Detroit jaunt up highway 12 (which runs more or less parallel to highway 2, but about 200 miles south), I'm finding all kinds of really cool stops and sights that are just a touch too far out of the way for me to go and see and maintain any sort of schedule.

    I have been up 2 in Eastern Washington, and that's some amazing country up there - so I know that bit is well worth the trip at least.

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    Default a book

    You might want to check out the book Roadtrip USA, which I believe covers US-2 as one of its designated routes. I don't always love the approach that this book takes, but if I think it could be a worthwhile read if you are planning to travel on this road.

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