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    Hi everyone!
    I'm planning a two-weeks road trip in the north east of usa with start/end point in New York City. My idea is to stay 4 days in NYC, then move in New England through the coast and Boston. Then move to Quebec passing by Maine, after that Montreal and then down to New York. Is this a good plan? I'm not sure about maine and the way to return in nyc, what do you think? Other ideas are welcome, the only bind is NY.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Two weeks is plenty of time to do the kind of loop trip you're talking about. In fact, it makes it difficult to recommend specific routes because you'll have considerable time, even with 'only' 10 days or so on the road, to wander where you will. As a general outline of such a trip, I would recommend first heading up to Hartford, then returning to the coast to see eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island, perhaps a day or two on Cape Cod, then up through Boston and New Hampshire and 'Down East along the coast of Maine to Arcadia National Park. From there, US-201 would take you through some heavily forested areas towards Québec, a really lovely city with lots of old world charm, and you'd just follow the St. Lawrence River and Autoroute 40 up to Montréal. To return to New York, just take Autoroute 15 south which ties into I-87 to NYC. Just make sure that you have your passport.


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    When going through Rhode Island, I suggest taking Route 1 from the CT border to Newport, then up 138 to Massachusetts, much more scenic than staying on 95 through Providence

    It will take an extra 45 - 60 minutes but should be worth it.

    Make sure to get some fried clams, stuffies, or any seafood for that matter while in RI and the Cape, it's the best there is!!

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