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    In June I am going to be doing a cross country trip with 3 kids (18 months, 3 & 5 years old) from Central Cali to Decatur Alabama for a total of 2024 miles. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing this long of a drive with 3 kids but I am SUPER excited about it. There will be 2 adults and since we don't even have a time frame I want to make it fun for the kids. I am thinking about stopping in Flagstaff the first night & Amarillo the 2nd night, before continuing on. Its here that I'd like to break up the trip for a day or 2 and do something fun with the kids. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of things to see or do? And also a suggestion of where to stay the 3rd night before continuing to Decatur? Thanks in advance...

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    Your currently looking at about 600 miles a day for your first two legs, which will be about 10-12 hours on the road. That should be alright, although that is a long time in a for kids. You might want to scale back just a little bit and instead shoot for Williams AZ and Tucumcari NM. Fort Smith Arkansas would be about the right spot for your third night.

    Otherwise, just be sure to stop alot. There are great things to do along the way, and don't forget that simply pulling into a town and stopping at a playground can be a great way for kids to have a break and work out some energy.

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