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    i am planning to travel from dallas to long beach california. i have a brand new mustang and i'm looking for a good scenec drive as i'm a photographer. i was wondering if anyone could advise me on a good route to take as i am not much aware of the roads and really wanna explore, and capture some amazing pls advise...i don't mind going the distance actually tht is one thing i look forward to...


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    Often, if your looking for different roads, the simplest method is also the best. Jest draw a straight line between Point 'A' and Point 'B' and take the roads that most closely approximate that line. In your case, that would mean US-380 to Socorro, NM, US-60 to Quartzite, AZ (including the semi spectacular Salt River Canyon), and then AZ-95 north to Earp, CA and CA-62 through Twentynine Palms before joining I-10 for the run into the L.A. Basin.


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    hey thanks a lot...really appreatiate it...but by different roads i meant roads with scenic beauty...i don't know if you meant the same or not...please advise...
    thank you

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    The beauty of any road will be in the country it passes through and in your ability to appreciate it. Yes, there are parts of the route I suggested that get the little green ticks on the map that indicate 'scenic', but I've never found those to be particularly meaningful. The Salt River Canyon and the area north of Josua Tree National Park certainly qualify as scenic to most people, but to me the desolate sparseness of the desert southwest that you'll be traversing has a stark beauty all its own.


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