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    Default San Diego to South Lake Tahoe with a Newborn

    First time father here and we're about to embark on our first road trip just 9 weeks into parenthood.

    We're driving up from San Diego to South Lake Tahoe and to prepare for the possibility of our little one not really tolerating more the 2-3 hours of car seat confinement in one stretch, we are planning on a two day drive starting around 6pm Saturday night.

    So, the main question is which route is best?

    1) Head towards and up the 395 in the dark with a beautiful drive ahead of us on day two or

    2) Drive through LA and up the 5 and not worry about anything, but have a plain boring drive on day two until we get close to Tahoe.

    I've never driven to Mammoth or Lake Tahoe and don't know what I'm in for and if I'm asking for trouble driving the 395 at night with a newborn who may demand an unscheduled pit stop.

    Currently leaning towards the 395 with a stop in Bishop late Saturday night.

    My wife is a scrapbooker and can't wait to take millions of pictures in and around Lake Tahoe, but is there something I must take her to on the way that will only take an hour or two on Sunday.

    Also, any other suggestions? We're an intelligent, well prepared couple, but first time parents, so we're learning new and exciting things every day.

    Thank you so much for the help and I love this forum!

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    Default Option 1

    Congratulations on your first born !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums!

    I would go for option 1 and head for the 395. You might be under estimating the travel times a little as you wouldn't make Bishop I doubt untill well gone mid night. Lone pine could be a better bet [5-6 hours] and wake up in the morning to Mount Evans looking over you. That would give you two nice driving stints the following day of 2 1/2 -3 hours each with a stop at Mono lake in between perhaps.

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    Default overthinking

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If it were me, I'd go up US-395, however, I think your plan of getting to Bishop after leaving SD at 6pm is probably a bit much. You almost certainly wouldn't end up getting there until midnight. I think I'd be shooting for Lone Pine as a more reasonable distance, although Even Ridgecrest might be a better option depending upon how late you really want to drive.

    While you certainly need to be prepared to make some extra stops when traveling with a baby, it can also be easy to overthink and overworry about the situation. At this age, it really works best to do what you want to do, and work the baby into that plan, rather than trying to plan your trip around the baby.

    edit: In other words, what Dave posted while I was typing!
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    Default Probably overthinking, but...

    I always want to be prepared. I like the 395 route and I think I'll target Lone Pine and if we're just flying along we can consider Big Pine or Bishop a bonus.

    Thank you for your help and again, I love this site and will certainly spend plenty of time on here over the next few days and before every roadtrip in the future.

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