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  1. Default 3 wk road trip, San Fran to LA out of Vegas


    I have read a lot of posts but not sure where best to rent a cool (and reasonably priced!) convertible from for the trip.

    Fly into San Fran, stay 3 nights, night in Napa, across to Yosemite, then back to join the coast road visiting all the little towns and beaches, down to LA, maybe onto San Diego if we have time, then over to Vegas for 2/3 night to see Grand Canyon and put any cash i have left on number 31!

    Any advice of must see places?

    Any idea roughly what price for a car i should be paying and how can i find the bargain and car to make the trip.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There are many rental company's out there changing deals pretty much daily so the best advice I can offer is to keep shopping around. One thing in common is that when choosing a model it is phrased with the words "or similar" meaning you might not get that "cool convertible" you wanted. If you book a convertible that's what you will get, but to specify the model you are looking for [which could involve a specialist company, depending on what you mean by "cool"] you will end up paying a premium for any convertible.

    then over to Vegas for 2/3 night to see Grand Canyon
    You have a nice amount of time for your trip, but just to clarify that GC is not a day trip from Vegas and to stand on the rim inside the NP will require an overnight stop.

    One persons "must see" is different from another's but there are many threads covering the area that you can search for, and these offersome of the best info

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