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    Myself and a friend are currently a couple of weeks into a 6 month road trip. you may remember us posting our plans a few months back. We are in need of some ideas to fill 2 or 3 days between yosemite and san francisco. We will be taking plenty of time at yosemite but dont want to be at san francisco until a certain date so we now have these spare days. Any interesting places to visit or stay between without going too far off the direct path? .. any suggestions would be great.

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    Hi Cory,

    Congratulations on hitting the road !

    I reckon you would be best of seeing some of the coast before heading across to Yosemite, either down to Carmel and possibly Big Sur or over the Golden gate to Point Reyes and across through Napa. There isn't much directly in between to spend 3 days so the only other options I can think of, if they are not on your agenda already, is Sequoia NP, some Gold country towns such as Murphy's and Jamestown [Railtown] or further afield Lake Tahoe.

    Have a great trip and if you get the chance pop by and let us know how it's going from time to time.

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    Thanks dave,

    We are currently near Sequoia having just stayed there a couple of nights which was amazing. We already did a bit of the coast as far as morro bay but couldnt go much further otherwise we would be adding a lot of miles having to go back on ourselves to sequoia. I would have liked to do big sur.. but again, its the mileage Im thinking of.

    We are heading to yosemite today and staying 5 or 6 nights at an rv park (Probably 6 so we dont have to fill in days between yosemite and san fran) So we will only need to fill one day now. I had considered lake tahoe after posting here but we'll see how yosemite goes. Ive been before so I know we can take plenty of time there. The gold country towns look interesting so Im sure we could stop there too.

    Will keep you updated on here but we also have a blog:

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    Default Other Norcal options.

    Gold country would get my vote, but for completeness:

    Sacramento (state capitol); has an old town with buildings from the gold rush era and a (IMO) neat railway museum. You could hang around outside the capitol to see if you can spot The Governator.

    Tahoe: Not high season yet, should be some openings. Gambling at South Shore casinos (for the over 21 crowd only).

    Any of the parks along the peninsula; San Mateo or Santa Cruz county. There are redwoods in these hills, and several nice parks.

    Any of the coastal state parks along the San Mateo/Santa Cruz coasts.

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