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    We are planning a road trip to Florida, leaving Montreal, I would like to drive approx. 7 to 8 hrs a day seeing I'm driving with a 2 month old baby. What stops or city's would you recomend to stop in and chill after about 8 hrs of driving? any hotel recomendations? Thanks

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    Most people, when they say they want to stop after 8 hours of driving, mean that they want to stop 8 hours after they start. With stops along the way for fuel, food and other breaks, that might mean 7 hours or so of actual driving and that's what I'm going to assume to be your case. Then you'd be looking to stop in (roughly): Trenton, NJ; Raleigh, NC; and Jacksonville, FL. Depending on where you're going in Florida, you might be able to push a little bit farther each day, but note that Miami/Fort Lauderdale would be another full day's drive. On your way, be sure to take advantage of the many parks near the highway for relaxing and refreshing stops.

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    Thanks for the great info and list of parks! We will depart May 20th and have to be in Orlando arriving the 24th of May... which gives us about 4 days to get there, can you give me suggestions on where to stop with this time frame? Is it about just right for the stops you mentioned in your previous post?


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    Actually, if I were going to make the drive from Montréal to Orlando and had four days, I wouldn't take the most direct route (through New York City, down the New Jersey Turnpike, through Baltimore and Washington, etc) but I'd take the somewhat more relaxing route of Autoroute 20/ON-401 up the St. Lawrence to the Thousand Islands region and then I-81 south all the way to southwestern Virginia where I-77 to Columbia, SC and I-26 would reconnect me with I-95. That 'detour' would only add a few hours to a four day trip and the trip could still be made while driving less than 8 hours a day, but would be much more relaxing. In that case, evenly spaced overnight stops would be around Scranton, PA; Lexington, VA; and Orangeburg, SC


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    Thanks for the recommendation, we decided to follow your advice to take the I 81 and do the four stops.
    Great help!

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