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    I will be driving from Connecticut straight to southern Colorado in a couple of weeks, and I would appreciate advice on two issues.

    1) Mapquest shows Rte 80 as the best possible interstate to take. Is this the fastest route? I also notice Interstate 70 is a possibility.

    2) Are there campgrounds off either highway, as I am on a strict budget and would prefer to camp each night.

    Thanks for the advice, any ideas are much appreciated!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    "Colorado" is a big target. Which highway to use would depend on where you're going with I-80 serving many northern areas and I-70 most of the central and southern parts of the state. Secondly, the choice of routes would depend on what you want to see and how much of a hurry you're in. So without knowing what you want, any advice would be totally random - there is no single 'best' route. There are state parks with campgrounds all along all Interstates. You may have to do a bit of preplanning to look at what's available in the areas where you expect to be each night, but you should also be able to find a decent campground within about 25 miles or so of anywhere.


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    thanks for the reply...

    I will be heading to Crestone, CO which is 160 miles southwest of Colorado Springs....I will be trying to drive out there as fast as possible without overdoing the driving...ideally around 6-7 hours a day. As previously stated, when I mapquest Connecticut to Crestone, I-80 is the rte recommended, however looking at the map it seems I-70 may be faster. Since I have never been on either of these, any advice, considering traffic, camping, etc would be a great help.


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    If you are on a strict budget, take I-84/I-81/I-80/I-76/I-71/I-70. This will keep you off the toll roads for the most part and out of the Chicago traffic.

  5. Default Southern Colorado to Grand Tetons, WY

    Need advice on highways through Colorado (currently in connecticut)...About a month from now I will be heading from Crestone, CO to the Grand Teton area of Wyoming. Mapquest shows a route through the mountains - that is basically routes 285 to 24 to 40 to 13.

    I have been told to eat up the 160 miles eastward to I-25 and then head straight up to Wyoming and then take I-80, as the routes through the mountains will eat up gas and be much slower going...

    Is the I-25 rte much faster and smoother, thereby saving time and money?

    Thanks for any advice...
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    I would recommend taking US 285 to the Denver area. It's a wonderfully scenic drive and probably faster than going straight over to I25. To get through Denver, turn north on W470 to I70, take I70 east to I76, I76 east to I25, then north on I25.

    At Fort Collins, take the CO 14 exit West to US 287 and head north on 287. Once you get out of Fort Collins, US 287 is another scenic road and will be faster and less miles than taking I25 to I80.

    Take US 287 to Laramie and turn west on I80. At Rawlins, turn north on US 287. You will make good time on this road and also get to drive through the Wind River Canyon. US 287 will take you all the way to Grand Teton National Park.
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    thanks for your assistance, that's exactly what I needed...I will take that route up to Wyoming.

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