This is a “The Road Trip” that my buddy and I tool in June and July of 1999 during the summer between High School and college. We took his parents 1994 ford explorer and slept in the back of it on an air mattress at campgrounds and rest areas. We did it in 14 days and drove around 7600 miles. It was a blast, definitely one of the best times of my life.

Day 1 – Milwaukee to Edgemont SD (stayed with relatives)

Day 2-4: Black Hills\Badlands – explored around for 3 days

Day5 – Edgemont to 60 miles shy of Billings (Rest Area), Stopped at Devils Tower, and Powder River Pass in the Bighorns.

Day 6 – Billings to Thompson Falls, MT. (Campground)

Day 7 – Thompson Falls, MT to Lake Wenatchee SP, WA (Campground) – Even in summer glacial water is cold!

Day 8 - Lake Wenatchee SP, WA to Pacific Coast at Olympic National Park (Campground), Stopping at Hurricane Ridge on the Olympic peninsula - Fresh Seafood is Awesome

Day 9 - Pacific Coast at Olympic National Park to Mt Rainer (East Side of park Campground), Stopped at Hoh Rainforest and Mt. Rainer National Park.

Day – 10 Mt Rainer to Craters of the Moon National Monument (Campground) – Lava Tubes are cool!

Day – 11 Craters of the Moon National Monument to South of Salt Lake City, UT (Campground), Detour through the Uinta Mountains – Saw ERB – 1 and got stopped in the Uinta Mts at a Drug Check Point.

Day 12 – South of Salt Lake City, UT to Rifle, CO (Campground), Stopped at Arches NP- Mountain Lions look like big cats.

Day 13 – Rifle CO to Kansas state line (Rest Area, Late Night), Went through Glenwood Canyon both ways, took the route through Aspen and over the Rockies near Mt. Elbert, went up the Mt. Evans auto road.

Day 14 – Back to Milwaukee via St. Louis (just for the hell of it)

And we only spent 800$ (back when gas was only 1.10 a gallon)