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    We are a dutch family picking up our son from a 1 year traineeship at a hotel in Washington DC. To finalize this adventure we are planning a one way RV trip to Chicago. Obviously we would like to see some of the highlights in between and drive a scenic route rather than sheer highway. Finding RV campsites hasn't been easy either. We would love to receive some recommendations or anekdotes.

    Thank you!
    A Dutch Family

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    Welkom! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...with some general suggestions. You could probably make the drive from Washington to Chicago in one very hard day of driving down the turnpikes in a lumbering RV, so with over a week, you've got plenty of time to see some highlights and scenic roads. In fact, you have so much time that you can take a very circuitous route. Take a look at first heading southwest down the spine of the Appalachian Mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway and I-81 through the Shenandoah Valley perhaps as far as Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From there you could head up through Tennessee and Kentucky to visit Mammoth Cave National Park then on to St. Louis before finally heading up to St. Louis.

    That's just one example of what you might do with a week to get from Washington to Chicago. You could also go up through New York State to see New York City, the Finger Lakes region, the Erie Canal, Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes on your way. So get a decent map of the northeastern U.S. and have a look at what might appeals to you and I'm sure someone can help you with details.

    As for finding a place for your RV each night, I think you'll find that your best options are state parks, which are pretty much everywhere, have some of the best rates and settings around, and can be found on-line by doing a search on {statename state parks}


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