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  1. Default Trip Advise - Greensboro, NC to Boston, MA - this weekend! THANKS!!

    Hi folks, first timer here...

    I'm driving my daughter's car back from NC this week-end, I've done this many time before but I'm not keen on running up rt95 again. I've been told that rt81 is very nice - where do I pick it up?


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    Default A Good Alternative

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The easiest way is to just take US-220 north out of Greensboro to Roanoke, VA where you'd get on I-81 and take that all the way to Scranton, PA. From there I-84/I-90 will get you to Boston.


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    Thanks AZ - Looks easy enough, hope there's no construction or traffic spots that I'm not aware of. I'll be using my daughter's Magellan nav system.

    Take care,

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    Greensboro to Scranton via that route is 500 miles, and would be an advisable overnight stop. This route will also keep you out of the I-95 corridor traffic headaches.

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    copy that GLC - thanks


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