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    Default wyoming roadtrip

    Hi all

    We are planning another RV roadtrip in August 2010 I know it is quite a while off but I believe in planning early.

    We did a 3wk trip last september and really enjoyed it.

    This time we will only have 2wks to do our trip.

    We will fly into Denver spending the first night there. Then on to Cheyenne WY, Laramie, Rawlins,Casper, Buffallo then on to Cody which is were we would like to stay for a few days as it is near to yellowstone. We would then go onto Jackson and back across to Rawlins and back to Denver.

    Would this trip be do able in 2 weeks, if not we might just be able to stretch to 3 weeks again.


    Gemsmum (Doreen)

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    Default Streeeeeeeeetchhhhhhh !!!

    Hi welcome back Doreen,

    Well 2 weeks will give you time to achieve what you have laid out, but if you can take 3 weeks, then I say "why not". I only have 2 weeks this year and I am flying into Denver, but how I wish I could take that extra week. [groan] There is a lot to see and do and with the cost of flights the same for a day or a month I like to make the best of it while I can. There is Rocky NP on Denver's doorstep [so to speak] and coming back you could enjoy the Grand Tetons and head further South and enjoy some more of Colorado's natural beauty. If your time and budget allow for it take the time, if not you have enough to do what you have listed and possibly more ! You might find the Yellowstone NP site handy, but I was wondering if you wish to spend a few days at Yellowstone why not book some nights inside the park?

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    Hi Dave

    Well you have got me thinking now lol! out come the maps again.

    I suppose we could go from Denver through the Rocky mountains into Wyoming and then make our way up to Cody. Yes we could stay a couple of nights in Yellowstone.

    Hubby gets mad at me as I always have my nose either in the maps or stuck to google earth lol!

    Looking forward to seeing some more of America, we have been to california nevada, arizona and utah twice now so it will be nice to see wyoming and colorado. Hubby wants to see some rodeo so we should hopefully be in some places where it is on.

    Thanks Gemsmum(Doreen)

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    Default Take 3 weeks


    Take the three weeks and consider adding the Black Hills of South Dakota to your route. Badlands NP, Mt Rushmore, Deadwood and Devils Tower are well worth seeing.


  5. Default Cody rodeo

    If you stay in cody, wyoming there is a nightly rodeo on the west side of town near the big bear motel. I have not been but people seem to like it. $17 dollars for adults i believe it was. My father and my son will be traveling to cody and beyond this june on our cross country drive from tennessee.

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    I love Saratoga Wyoming. Small town with free (very hot) Hot Springs. It's a beautiful drive from Saratoga to Laramie.

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    Default wyoming adventure

    Hi we have now decided on our itinery for our 3wk wyoming adventure in aug 2010 we cannot decide wether to hire an rv or a car as there will only be hubby and myself. We will land in Denver stay 1st night in hotel then pick up rv/car.
    Denver to Cheyenne to Rawlins to Casper to Thermopolis to Cody where we will stay a few days (hubby wants to see the rodeo) then to yellowstone for a couple of days back to Cody then on to Buffalo to Deadwood South Dakota to Custer for a few days then to Hot Springs but from here I don't know which way to go to get back to Denver. Wether to head down through Nebraska to Kansas and pick up the I70 back to Denver or newcastle SD back down to Cheyenne to Denver.

    Any suggestions on sights to see on either route from Hot springs would be appreciated

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    Default To Mull Over

    I'm glad to see that you have already gotten and made use of several people's advice for this trip. For my part, if I were looking at the drive back from Hot Springs to Denver after what you will have already seen, I'd opt for taking some lesser traveled roads down through the high plains of Nebraska rather than recover the ground through Cheyenne, etc. while such a drive won't be as visually stunning as coming down the Front Ranges, it would allow you to see a different area of the country, literally where the buffalo roamed. US-385 would be the basic backbone of such a drive, but short detours would let you take in such venues as Oglala National Grasslands, Toadstool Geologic Park, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Scottsbluff National Monument, as well as the Oregon Trail and the visual clues pioneers used to mark their progress such as Chimney, Courthouse and Jail Rocks,


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