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  1. Default Anyone have suggesstions regarding a Road Trip from New York to Kansas City

    I am driving from New York to Kansas City- I have five days to make the trip, but I don't know what to do with it. I don't know much about Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, or Missouri. I am willing to go a more circuitous route if anyone has suggestions... Any information about things worth seeing would be appreciated. Thank you


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    You could make that drive in as little as two days, so you have a lot of time to play around with. In fact, you could even go by way of Sudbury, ON or even the Gulf of Mexico. How about either of those for "circuitous"? But to help you make the best use of that time, we'd need to know what kinds of roads, towns, and attractions to point you to. We'd also need to know if you prefer to see a few sites in some detail or would be happier just checking places off some list so you can say you've been there, seen that? So, what's your pleasure?


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    Default Rivers

    One thing that you could do is drive along the rivers - such as the Ohio River - for a different route. You have the time to do it, and there are a lot of interesting things to see along the way, from cities to locks to mounds and scenic drives. You could also skirt along the Great Lakes for a short spell, if that's your thing.

    Are you looking to get into the major cities, or do you want to avoid them altogether?

  4. Default A little more specific...

    I'm not really interested in major cities at all, and the gulf would probably be a little more circuitous than I can afford.

    I am mostly interested in scenic drives and quirky stops; I would rather stay off of the interstates as much as possible, and see as many weird things and beautiful views/natural wonders, etc. as I can.

    The Midwest doesn't interest me that much, so I'd be willing to go a bit further south, maybe into the Virginias, North Carolina, Kentucky, even Tennessee. Although if anyone has a better offer in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, I'd be game.

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    You know what. I wouldn't mind going down to the gulf. Tempt me.

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    Alexander, I know you say the midwest doesn`t really interest you too much , but the direct route would take you right by St Louis , the Gateway arch is an interesting landmark to visit, the view from the top is fantastic , also Ted Drewes frozen custard is a must do famous old Route 66 attraction, when we drove across Missouri on last years road trip we also visited some other Route 66 attractions , if quirky stops interest you Stanton MO has the Meramec caverns , an excellent reptile ranch where you get the chance to get close & personel with gators,snapping turtles ,snakes & many other animals , also a Jesse James waxwork museum & boating on the Meramec River, talking about Jesse James just a short drive from KC the Jesse James farm is a great place to visit in Kearney, also in St Joseph you have the Jesse James home where he met his fate, the pony express museum, and the Patee house museum, other places of interest are the Route 66 State park , or if you decided to take a detour and go south before heading back up to KC the Lake of the Ozarks is another idea , also in KC the National WW1 museum is fantastic and the Memorial tower above gives fantastic views of the KC skyline & Union Station , KC has had some major improvements & the power & light district is great for a night out , also KC is THE home of BBQ, head for Arthur Bryants for unmissable ribs ,burnt ends & the best pulled pork! , Im not saying dont try to visit other states on your trip but there is plenty not to miss in Missouri , have a great trip -mizzou777

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