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  1. Default Dallas to Idaho!

    Any suggestions on route, sights to see, restaurants or hotels on the way to or from?

    This will be our first long road trip with our 14 yr old son ever - any suggestions on things to bring to keep him from going nuts??


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    Default What Can You Bring That He Hasn't Seen?

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    Really! You're about to set off on a major drive through some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. Bringing something to amuse him would just distract him from that. To keep him from going nuts, your best option is to get him involved in planning the trip, picking out a few places he'd like to stop, and preparing some notes on why that he will share with you on the way and one you get there. Plan on stopping relatively often, every 2-3 hours to see or do something. There are plenty of National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, State Parks, Museums, etc., etc. all the way up and back that should be much more interesting than a Game Boy,


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    If you go through Amarillo, stop for dinner at the Big Texan.

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    Default Not much to go on.


    You sure are going through some of the most scenic landscapes there are with some of the best of the National parks in reach, but without knowing anything of your interests, how long you have available to you to make this trip happen, how long in Idaho and whether this time is for sight seeing etc it's tough to know where to start when there is more than a lifetimes worth of stuff between the two places.
    As Buck suggested, sit down with the family, get the map out and involve your lad in finding things of interest along the way to you all. Get an outline plan worked out and come back with the extra info and we can help "fine tune" your trip with the odd suggestion or two if needed.
    If the outdoors is your thing, then you should find the National parks site handy for your planning. If you are visiting a number of parks it will be worth investing in an annual pass for $80.
    Enjoy the planning and get back to us as and when you need to.

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    Thanks so much for the input so far!

    I like unique little shops and my Husband has a great camera and loves to take pictures..outdoor stuff would be great for that. Maybe a Ghost Town? Could make for some neat pics !

    We would love some ideas for great local diners on the way there & back.

    Our plan is to take 3 days driving up - We'll spend the 1st night in Colorado Springs (been there a few times) with my sister, then keep driving - probably try to do 12 hrs - then stop for the night, before ending up at Idaho. We are planning to spend a day in Yellowstone on the way back. We're planning 3 days to drive there, (to Hayden, Idaho) - spend a couple of days with his parents, then drive back detouring to Yellowstone.

    ETA: sorry I'm not giving much to go on, I'm pretty clueless really because I've never been anywhere except Co Springs, lol
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    Default the first mistake

    I'd say the first, easiest, and biggest mistake people make when planning a first family roadtrip is they try to do too much in too little time.

    Driving to Colorado Springs is more than 700 miles, and you're looking at about 13 hours on the road, then you want to drive another 12 hours the next day? A schedule like that means all you have time to do is drive, drive, and drive. That doesn't leave time for stopping at ghost towns, taking pictures, or just stopping at something neat you see along the way. There is also a fatigue factor, that while you can drive 700 miles in one day without too many problems, its not sustainable when you're talking about a long multi-day trip. Its going to make you tired, cranky, and you will start getting on each others nerves.

    Otherwise, the biggest thing I could say is what has already been said. Make sure the entire family is involved in the planning, so everyone has a say, and everyone gets a chance to do something that fits their interests. That same process will help you find things along the way that will be appealing and fun for your trip.

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    Ahhh yes I can see where you're coming from. Actually, we have 11 days total (11 and a half) to do this trip. If we have to take 3 1/2 days each way we can do that, or even 4. The goal is to spend a few days with my Husband's parents in Idaho. :) Thanks!

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    If possible, I would plan on no more than 400 miles a day to allow for some sightseeing and "out of the car" time. Realistically, if all you need to do is get from point to point, you can do 550 miles a day on Interstate-quality highways.

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