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    Default UK auto license only

    Hi guys,

    We're going on a trip in September and my mate only has a auto license due to disability.

    The car we're aiming to hire is a Mustang Convertible from Hertz, which is automatic, but I want to make sure the US folks are happy with a UK auto license to drive it.

    Sounds like a stupid question, but one that's best asked now. I tried asking them, but all I got was auto replies - grrrr!


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    99% of US rental cars have automatic transmissions. His restriction should not be an issue.

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    That is a crazy response time - much appreciated.

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    Default Not an issue

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A UK drivers license is perfectly valid in the US for the same class it is at home. In other words, if you'd be allowed to drive it in the UK, you can drive it over here.

    Rental agencies should be quite familiar with an international license (at least if you are renting from an international airport) and I would be quite surprised if you had any issues.

    Also, if your companion has a disability parking permit, he can bring that and it should be perfectly valid as well.

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