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    Default August solo road trip: Canada or NYC and DC?

    Living here in British Columbia and with family in Montreal, Quebec, I am trying to decide where to go with a 3 week solo road trip at the beginning of August.

    My original plan was to drive across Canada eastward, visit family and then use the U.S. Interstate system for the return trip west (to Seattle, then back into BC).

    However, I've never seen the east coast in the States and realized that everything is close together back there, so now I'm thinking....

    Seattle to New York for three nights, 1 or 2 nights in the DC area and then a return westward loop from DC through Tennessee, Texas to San Diego and then up through California on the I-5 to the border and home.

    I realize this seems ambitious. Getting to New York City is straightforward enough, I'm just wondering if I should plan a return route that is more direct towards Seattle...Keep in mind, I love to drive and being on the road is a big draw for me. Racking up the miles and hours doesn't bother me as I like knowing every thing I see will be for the first time.

    There's so much history on the east coast and I have always wanted to see the national monuments, museums, and maybe a major league game along the way.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. :)


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    Vancouver to Montreal, staying in Canada, is a 7 day drive. Montreal to NYC can be done in a day. NYC to DC is half a day. DC to Vancouver via San Diego can be done in 8 days. These are basically 10 hour days on Interstate highways with normal stops but no lingering or sightseeing. 3 weeks is 21 days. This gives you 4 days to play with - 3 nights in NYC and 2 nights in DC will pretty much eat that up. I'd add another week if possible. Going direct from DC to Vancouver is 6 days so cutting out San Diego only saves you 2 days.

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    Default splitting the difference

    While I appreciate the enjoyment of long drives, doing it every day for 3 weeks would get quite old for almost anyone. To do a loop like you are talking about, I think that's very much what you'd be looking at.

    If it were me, I think I'd try to split the difference. Take the first week to drive across to Montreal. Spend the 2nd week there and visiting NYC and DC, and then spend your 3rd week driving back home. If you want to see more of the US you could take I-90 across going out before cutting back into Ontario (which would probably be your fastest bet anyway), and then heading home, you could shoot across I-70 into Utah, and then take a diagonal route back up towards Seattle/Vancouver.
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