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    Me and two other friends are going to be traveling from Derry NH to Denver. We are leaving on may 17th. I was wondering if there are any cool sites on the way. We are a little crunched for time (4 days) so going a bit too far out of the way is out of the question. As of now we don't have a set route, we are going to fallow my GPS which hasn't failed me yet. We will most likely bring a road atlas as well. It would be cool to see some historic sites on the way. Also I wouldn't mind stopping at a recommended pub or restaurant. We will be staying in Denver for about 4 days, we are open to any suggestions! Oh and we also like to hike! so trail suggestions for a day hiking trip would be cool too.

    Thanks, Dan

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    Derry to Denver via most direct and fastest route is a 4 day drive, 10 hours a day with normal stops. This won't give you much time for sightseeing or getting off the Interstates.

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    Default going quickly

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You're looking at 2,000 miles, so you'll need to be on the road for about 8 hours a day for your four days. That doesn't give you much time to explore, but it does give you time for some quick stops or short hikes at places like these.

    One thing I would recommend is that you plot your own route based on where you want to go, and then make your GPS work for you - not the other way around. You've got a couple options for how to make this trip, but you should go where you want to and to places you think are interesting, not where a computer tells you to go.

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