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  1. Default Moving from Denver, CO. to Carmel, CA. at the end of May

    My wife, dog & cat and I are moving to California in a few weeks and I have been debating which route to take. We have movers moving the bulk of the load but will be hauling a small U-Haul trailer with our V6 Honda accord (which is rated to pull 1000lbs). My main concern is going through the mountains on I-70 west with the trailer, although it is rated to pull it I don’t want to put too much stress on the transmission. If I take I-25 south to I-40 west I will avoid the mountain passes, however I am concerned about the heat. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Default still mountains

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    There isn't any way to completely avoid mountains, but I would actually consider a 3rd option, go up to I-80 and take that across to California. That is actually quite a bit shorter than going all the way down to I-40 and could be an even easier trip mountain wise.

    I-40 through NM and AZ remains in mountainous country and you'd still have quite a few passes and elevation changes that you'd have to deal with before you reach the desert.

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