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  1. Default Our planned road trip, any recommendations

    Hello Everyone,

    Me and 2 friends are planning on a road trip across the states. We have rough plan and an idea of what we want to see. But as this will be the last trip we all take together, im open for more suggestions. We are planning on spending 3 months travelling across. Rentiong a car, and camping and staying in motels.

    Our route includes:
    San Francisco - santa babara - los angeles - grand canyon - death valley - las vegas - salt lake city - grand juntion - colorado springs - denver - kansas - st louis - memphis - nashville - louisville - indianapolis - chicago - cleveland - buffalo - niagara falls - new york

    Im not sure of major sights we should see along the way.

    Anyone have any favourites at any of the points?

    My friend is a huge elvis fan so i will be sure to see some places in memphis

    Thanks in advance

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    Default odd routing

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The route you've laid out is a bit zigzagged. For example, it would make far more sense to go to Death Valley before Vegas, and then Grand Canyon afterward. Salt Lake City is also a ways out of the way, so you might consider skipping that. There are several national parks between the Grand Canyon and Grand Junction that you could pick from or you could skip Grand Junction all together and just work your way across to Colorado Springs (if you do go to Grand Jct, then you'd be visiting Denver first, before heading south).

    How much time and money do you have for this trip and what sort of things are you interested in?
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