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    Just found the site. Looks like a ton of good info. We are in the process of planing our camping trip this summer and are looking for suggestions of things to see and do, and any good campgrounds. We have 14 days and plan on spending two nights in each stop give or take with three in New Orleans. This is the route we are looking at. Detroit - St. Louis, MO - Memphis TN - New Orleans, LA - Montgomery AL - Nashville TN - Cininnati OH ( just an overnite) and home. I've been to New Orleans but just for a nite. Other than that it's all new to us. I'd love to hear any suggestions. Thanks,


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Just a few random suggestions for things in various cities and en route. Read through this discussion of options around St. Louis. In Memphis, be sure to walk Beale St. at night and visit Mud Island during the day. If one of your stops is Graceland, then consider going from Memphis to Tupelo to see Elvis' birthplace and then take the Natchez Trace Parkway to Jackson. When I visited New Orleans, I camped at Fontainebleau State Park on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain. It made for a nice contrast and we got to drive across the Causeway twice a day. Also make sure to climb one of the levees and take a look at the Mississippi as it flows through town to get a feel for the relative elevations of the river and the city. Just west of Montgomery is Selma, home to the Civil Rights Museum, some lovely old ante bellum homes and Old Cahawba. And north of Nashville, on your way through Kentucky, Mammoth Cave is definitely worth a visit.


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    Thanks. I looked up Beale st. and Mudd island and they both look very interesting. I'm sure we will definately have to check out Beale St. that looks right up our ally. Did you camp around Memphis?

    I was originaly looking at Grand Isle State Park south of New Orleans untill I actually checked the distance. I think an almost two hour drive is a bit much to drive into N.O. each day while we are there. The park you mentioned N. of the lake looks much better. Thanks again.


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