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    Hi, I am driving with my 21 year old son from Washington DC - Los Angeles in June,i am travelling from Liverpool UK! Would appreciate any tips etc,intended route is Blue ridge parkway-Nashville-Memphis-Dallas-Lubbock-Santa Fe-Monument Valley-Grand Canyon-Las Vegas-Los Angeles,allowed 17 days does this seem enough!

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    That sounds like a great trip. I live in the DC suburbs of VA.
    I plan on the same trip. But different time.
    I plan on taking 66 West, 81 South, 40 West.
    Will you be renting a car? How much will that cost?
    Have you created the trip on MapQuest? This sounds like 3750 miles one way.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    17 days certainly is enough time to travel between all the place you've mentioned. You'd be looking at a week to 10 days to cover the driving, leaving you the rest for exploration. If you are hoping to spend several days at any one location, you'll probably start to get a bit rushed, but if you want to spend a day here or a day there, you could make it work.

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    Looking at rental prices at the minute,quotes of $800 including insurances

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    What rental company is that?

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    Please note that if you want your son to be able to drive, you will have a hefty young driver surcharge.

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    Default To many options !

    Hi there, that's quite an adventure for you and your lad !

    What sort of things interest you? Anything in particular that you want to see Dallas way?
    I haven't been there personally so I can't comment on the place or that part of your trip, but what I do know is that from Santa Fe to the Grand canyon you will find some amazing roads, scenery and National parks. You could head into Colorado as an option past the Great sand dunes NP, and to the Black canyon of the Gunnison and down the "Million dollar highway" [550] and past Mesa Verde NP through Four corners to Monument valley. There are a lot of other options open to you as well so I would have a look around the forums and road trip planning pages and gather ideas. How long you want to spend behind the wheel and how much time in certain places play a big part, as a couple of days in each of Grand canyon, Vegas and LA for instance will soon eat away at the time you have available. I would certainly look to keeping a spare night between Vegas and LA at the end of your trip and take a trip across Death valley, you won't see nowt like it in good 'ol blighty.
    Get the map out, have a look around and as you get new questions just ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFWALTON View Post
    Looking at rental prices at the minute,quotes of $800 including insurances
    Check with your insurance company to see if your current car insurance applies to rentals as well.

    With my insurance company (State Farm) I am covered in a rental car just as if it was my own personal vehicle.

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