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    Quick overview- the road trip is purly just to get from LosAngeles to Walt Disney World.. no sightseeing is planned or wanted on this trip. We are having to drive since one member of the group going can not fly though, and are on a tight schedule since we are meeting others who are flying into Florida who are going on the trip.

    We will have four drivers to rotate to get there as quick as possible and currently were planning to drive the first leg/day of the trip from LA to San Antonio and spend the night there, then head off the next day to drive to Orlando with a possibility (if necessary) of stopping and staying a night in New Orleans... (planning bigger cities for stop overs since I personally work for a major hotel chain which has properties in both San Antonio and New Orleans which I could get a reduce rate on a room.)

    just wondering if it would be feasible to do it over what will pretty much end up being over all a three day road trip at max accross the way due to the stop in San Antonio?

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    Sorry, but your plan is really really foolish, and you'd really be putting a desire to save a few dollars on motels above the safety of yourself and everyone else on the road.

    LA to SA is 1350 miles. Driving with just the bare minimum of stops, that is more than 24 straight hours on the road. Even rotating drivers, there is just no way for everyone to get enough sleep to safely complete this kind of journey.

    Your next two days would be more reasonable trips that would put you only on the road for 10-12 or so hours for those days.

    Even at the minimum, I'd recommend four very long days for this trip (and if you stop "for the night" while arriving in SA in the late morning after driving through the night, you're pretty much looking at 4 days anyway.)

    If you insist on doing this in 3 days, you will be exhausted when you arrive in Florida, and you will have to very much treat this like work where you will still need to do shift driving, but you need to do it in more even distance days. In this case, you'd be driving 800-850 miles a day, and you'll be on the road for at least 15 hours a day with stops around El Paso and Beaumont Texas. Again, I would not recommend this, but it would be far more sane than trying to drive from LA to San Antonio on one sitting.

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    I'm not really concerned about the cost of staying somewhere along the way- just prefer to keep in in major cities since I can stay at a 5 star hotel for between 49 to 69 a night, whereas the cost for a motel sits around the same for far far less.

    We are easily prepared to be on the road quite a bit and have no trouble with driving 10-15 hours a day to get accross. Been estimating the time based on the 1 day, 12 hour time estimate on google..

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    Default which explains...

    As you'll see mentioned many times on this forum, Google time estimates are never accurate over a long distance, because they assume that you will never have to stop for food, fuel, etc, etc, etc. Realistically, you're looking at about 45 hours on the road, if you don't have any big slow downs. That means, you need at least 15 hour days, if you keep them even.

    That's great that you can stay at a 5 star place for a discount, but you need to think of the safety of yourself and others on the road first. If you can't get a discount at places that are an even distance apart, then you can't get a discount. Since, at most, you're looking at only spending a few hours at a motel just to get a break from the road, its not like you'll have time to enjoy any of the amenities of an upscale place anyway.

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    Read this article to see exactly how to do it somewhat safely. You have 2500 miles to cover, and the fastest you are going to do this, using speed run procedures, is 3 days, and your overnight stops WILL be in El Paso and Beaumont. For the amount of sleep you will be getting, a Motel 6 is as good as anything. You ARE looking at 15 hours on the road each day with minimum stops.

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