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  1. Default Columbia SC to Baltimore (i want a few days in the mountains too)

    Hey there. I am planning a road trip from Columbia SC to Baltimore at the end of June. We have family up there. My question is: My son wants to see the mountains. I told him we would stay a day or two in the mountains on the way up. Where can we go that is not out of the way? I dont want to add too much extra driving.

    Please help. I have no idea where to even start!!

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    Default An Easy Detour

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    Spending some time in the mountains on this trip will not only be easy, but will make the trip much more enjoyable than just joining all the truck and tourist traffic on I-95. What I'd suggest you do is first head northwest on I-26 up to the Asheville and then take US-411 through Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Then from there you can follow the general course of the Appalachians by swapping back and forth between I-81 when you needed to make a little time and the Blue Ridge Parkway for a more leisurely mountain drive. If you want to avoid the Washington traffic, then you can stay on I-81 up into Maryland and use MD-51/US-340/I-70 to approach Baltimore from the west.


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