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  1. Default NEW YORK TO MIAMI - 6 days - CAN IT BE DONE- some advice for 1st time travelers

    Hey guys,

    I was reading this forum and it seems very helpful so let me tell you what the plan is and maybe some of you experts can help us out.

    We are planning to leave either late Saturday night (May 23rd) or early Sunday Morning (May24th) from NYC and go to either Miami/Orlando/Tampa, or a combination or the best 2. We have 4- 23yr old Male drivers so we can definitely do the 20-24hrs straight trip or we could spend 1 night somewhere 1/2 way - maybe NC or somewhere nice to see some nice attractions. We have to leave Friday morning from FL.

    We are thinking doing a day for Miami Beach - relaxing around there/bars/clubs/etc, Orlando -maybe a day to see universal studios and walk around the tow.

    Any advice on where the best place place to stop 1/2 way through the trip would be great and what are some good ideas for florida. Maybe even leave a little early so we can get some scenic views coming back up the east coast. Personally - I want to have some crazy adventures visiting some unique places anywhere down the east coast so any helpful advice would be great! Thanks !

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    Default Adventures Take Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    New York to Orlando is a shade over a thousand miles, so that is quite doable in two days with an overnight stop near Fayetteville, NC. BUT it is not safely achievable in a day driving straight through unless two of your group are used to being up in the middle of the night on a routine basis. I know it sounds perfectly logical that with four young drivers you should be able to divide up the driving and navigation chores, but that ignores the fact that still two of your party, who are going to want to be up during the day to enjoy the trip, are also going to have to be up through the night, and driving. And that is simply not safe. Also, by planning to take two days, you'll have time to see something of the country you'll be driving through rather than just highway signs.

    Taking two days on the way back, also means that you can use a different route, maybe something like the old US-1/US-301 through Georgia to Augusta, and then I-20/I-77/I-81 up into Virginia and then along the base of the Appalachians. Statesville, NC would be roughly the halfway point on such a route. Especially if you want to have any kind of adventure on your trip, you will have to leave time for it.


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    I've driven from Northern VA to the Southwest tip of FLA in 1 day. 17 hours, 1100 miles. From 3:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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    Default Yeah but.............

    Quote Originally Posted by RalphZero View Post
    I've driven from Northern VA to the Southwest tip of FLA in 1 day. 17 hours, 1100 miles. From 3:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
    It's not something we would recommend. Averaging 65mph from door to door and having to stop for short breaks, food and gas etc I would hazard a guess that fatigue set in and it included the risk of getting a speeding ticket in places. ;-)

    I agree with Buck, take your time,stay safe and enjoy the ride !

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