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  1. Default If you had to pick ONE motel/hotel chain across the USA..

    ...which one would it be?

    Would it be Motel 6? Super 8? What's your pick? Why?

    Sorry, I should specify, what budget chain?

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    Up until recently, my choice was Super 8. I'm now going to switch to Motel 6. The only amenity I care about is wifi, and now Motel 6 has upgraded most of their properties. Super 8 generally costs more than Motel 6, and the service/cleanliness/facility condition of Super 8 is no better than Motel 6 in general.

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    I found a similar thread and I got the idea that picking a chain does not mean you shouldn't check up on the individual location on tripadvisor before you go. I agree with what was said about tripadvisor, some of the reviews are ridiculous. But, you still get the general idea. I'll keep doing my homework though.

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    I don't ever remember staying at Motel 6, although I've seen many of them in my travels. After reading this article, they are looking more and more attractive:


    I hate carpets (ugh, dirty) and nice bare floors are a real attraction, also the walk-in shower with a seat sounds good to me. Although $4 per night access Wifi charge seems a bit ridiculous, I guess if their overall price is right, and the Wifi works, that's okay. Most places I stay have free internet access, but if I can get away with cheaper..........

    Also, microwave ovens and refrigerators are in many of their motels, a real plus, especially if I'm staying two or three nights.

    In recent years, I've mostly been to Holiday Inn Express (the nicest), Fairmont Inn by Marriott, Days Inn, Best Western. Holiday Inn Express is the best, especially when I get a room with a micro & refrig, which isn't always, but the internet connection has never failed me, as it has in other places, also Fairmont has good internet, but both of those chains aren't what I'd call "discount" but looking at the Motel 6 website, I'd say they were just slightly more in cost ($20+) than Motel 6, depending on location. Of course, that $20+ means a lot, and when you tack on tax, well, I guess Motel 6 would be considered a discount. One area of Dallas-Grand Prairie, TX, the difference is astounding: between $50-$60 cheaper at Motel 6, depending if you want one or two beds!

    The newest Motel 6s will get my business at least once on my next trip.
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    There are 2 kinds of Motel 6 - company-operated and franchise. The company-operated properties all charge $2.99 a night for wifi. The franchises can do what they want (and not all even have wifi) - one of the last ones I stayed in (Holbrook, AZ) the wifi was free, the hotel was in great shape, and the rate was a bargain ($40 including tax with AARP discount, in January). The next night I stayed in a company-operated one in Yuma AZ, it was just as nice but the wifi was $2.99 and it cost me just over $50. Other amenities are essentially not there - there are no in-room coffee pots but they have free coffee in the lobby. No breakfast, but there's almost always a family restaurant real close, and in Holbrook my room card got me a 10% discount at the Denny's next door. It's all what you need and want - look at Motel 6 as "a la carte" lodging. Super 8 has free wifi (quite often not working well), most have in-room coffee, and all have some kind of breakfast, mostly bare bones "continental" but some have a waffle maker. If I want something more upscale for whatever reason, I like Hampton Inn.

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    Thanks, glc, how do we know if a Motel 6 property is company-owned or frranchised when making reservations, or even if we just stop in to make inquiries for vacancies? Are they clearly marked? I know some hotel/motel franchises have a small sign posted on the wall behind the reception desk, but how do we know if we are making on;ine reservations? Obviously if we are reserving by telephone direct to the motel, we can ask.

    I'd forgotten about Hampton Inn. I've been there a few times and they had microwaves and refrigerators, including the mini bar, but it was good to have a place to keep my stuff cold, even their mini bar things were in there, too. They were nice, but I don't remember what we paid. It's been a while since I was there. Thanks for the reminder.

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    I honestly don't know of any sure way other than asking directly. The website does list amenities at each location, including whether the wifi is free or not.

    The last Hampton Inn I stayed in was in Litchfield, IL. The room was $85, the Super 8 in the same town was $45. Internet was free and it was wired, not wireless. Free breakfast was hot and resembled a small buffet - scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, etc. in addition to the normal "continental" type stuff. Definitely a cut above the budget chains but I didn't sleep any better!

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    Default What amenities do you want?

    If you're looking for a free breakfast and in-room coffee, you won't find it at a Motel 6. But they are my preferred motel because the price is always good, especially with my AAA discount. And you pay even less if you make your reservations online. And I'm not a big breakfast eater. A free cuppa joe and a granola bar and maybe a piece of fruit from my stash is more than enough in the morning.

    I've never paid more than $3.99 for wi-fi at a Motel 6 and I haven't stayed at any that don't have it in the last couple of years but I'm sure there are some out there.

    What I save on the room rate more than pays for the wi-fi access.

  9. Default Thanks glc and Judy

    This is good information. I'm also not a big breakfast eater, in fact, I'm more of a brunch type person. By the time I'm ready for breakfast, everyone else is looking for lunch.

    I'm definitely going to look into Motel 6 for my upcoming trip. Thanks a bunch.

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    I stayed in the Motel Six Amarillo - West, off I-40 west at Bell Street. It's a three story motel, older looking, but refurbished. The carpet looked fairly new and the walls have been painted, although there was no fresh paint smell and no new carpet smell to irritate one's allergies. There rooms are small compared to places like Holiday Inn, but not too small. My only problem was the bathroom door (and the towels). It opens into the room not into the bathroom, and in that small space between the open bathroom door and the sink, I kept clipping the door, as it sticks out a bit into the walkway. Closing the door makes one back up to get it open when going into the bathroom. Of course, if the door opened into the bathroom, it would make for a tight squeeze, as the bathroom is quite small.

    There was a table with two chairs.

    It's a bare bones motel, thin scratchy towels (I carry my old travel towels just in case), no drawers, just enclosed shelving, which is okay, furniture not fancy but adequate, bed comfortable. The place appears clean inside the rooms. There is ample car parking but no room for large 18 wheelers. There's a laundry room, drink and snack machines, and ice machines. Coffee was served in the office in the mornings. No breakfast. Wireless internet costs $2.99 per 24 hours.

    I booked online, so my rate was $39.99 plus $6.00 tax, plus internet. Much cheaper than other places I've stayed. Less than $50 per night. And if one can live without internet............a cool $46.

    No refrigerator or microwave oven. Just bare bones motel with internet ($2.99).

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