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    I recently bought a 'bare bones' 2004 Chevy Express Cargo van which I am converting into full time road-trip vehicle. I have run into some issues and I'm hoping some one here has experience with this.

    For starters, the windows I ordered (which are supposed to fit this model van) extend just into the depressed area in the wall, is this ok? will the weatherstripping work, or will I have a leaky window. I need some expert advice before I start cutting holes int he wall.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It sounds like you've got quite the interesting project in front of you, and I agree that you should be talking to an expert before you start cutting things up. However, because you're looking for expert help for such a major project, you really should go to an expert and not armchair experts on an internet forum (this one or any other). There's just too much downside and no one to blame but yourself if the anonymous advice you get ends up being wrong.

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