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    Default Detroit to Grand Canyon and back

    I have July 3rd through the 12th off due to a mandatory unemployment (the joys of working in the auto industry). Is this trip possible in the 10 days? I could take a few vacation days to allow for a longer trip. Here is the potential route I was thinking: follow the direction of Route 66 on the out trip and then up through Colorado and Kansas on the way back. (google maps says ~4000 miles)

    In terms of sights along the way, I'm thinking the drives from Detroit to about New Mexico and from Kansas back home will be as fast as possible. I'm more interested in New Mexico to Colorado on this trip. I'd like to visit the Petrified Forest, some route 66 towns, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde NP (other suggestions welcome).

    I'm looking for a reality check. This will be my first solo road trip as well as farthest road trip.

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    Default Doable, but.............

    Hi Paul, welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    What I can say at the moment is that if google say around 4000 miles for the most direct route, by the time you have taken a few detours it will probably be nearer 4500 miles in total. As the Grand canyon is your destination and a place to marvel at, I guess you would want at least 2 days there. That will leave you with 8 days to cover 4000 plus miles, lets say 550 a day, which is our upper limit of recommended miles per day. With short breaks for food, gas and the odd photo op etc, that will be 9-10 hours on the road every day. So, yep it's doable in that respect, but it's not going to leave a lot of free time for major sight seeing.
    Personally I would take a few vacation day's and make it a trip to remember !

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    Default Reality checking in

    Quote Originally Posted by AA Paul View Post
    I'm looking for a reality check. This will be my first solo road trip as well as farthest road trip.
    Is the Grand Canyon paramount to this trip? If not you could take a route such as Detroit - Moab - Mesa Verde - Santa Fe - Detroit. This would be around 3700 miles and would also give you time to explore the US-66 towns along I-40 and I-44 if you take that way home.

    Along this route near Moab would be Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Outside of Amarillo is the Cadillac Ranch.

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