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  1. Default Honeymooners - LA to San Fran to Las Vegas to LA

    Hi All,

    My future wife and i will be aiming to have the time of our lives in June when we Road Trip around California and we're looking for some tips and advice to make it extra special.

    We Fly in to LA on 7th June around 6pm
    Should we prebook our car, pick up in airport??? or wait til we are in town to strike up a deal?? Also i have read that if you book a smaller car you can always try and get an upgrade??

    Mon 8th Santa Barbara
    Tues 9th San Louis Abis/Monterray
    Wed 10th San Fransisco (3 nights)
    - cycle over golden gate bridge
    - trip to Alcatraz
    Sat 13th Sinnoma County/Napa Valley (2 nights)
    Mon 15th Yosemmitti (2 nights)
    Wed 17th Las Vegas (3 nights)
    - helicopter trip to Grand canyon any tips??
    Sat 20th Palm Springs
    Sun 21st San Diego (2 nights) (Capistrano Beach???)
    Tues 23rd Los Angeles
    Wed 24th Fly to Miami (2 nights) Any must sees???

    This is our rough plan for our trip, but it can (and i'm sure it will) be changed before we go. That is why i'm on here to ask you guys if we have missed anything out, or if you would suggest spending less or more time in a specific place.

    We have booked the first nights accomodation and are just going to book each hotel/motel/lodge etc as we arrive Is this wise???

    As i previously said, we are on our honeymoon, so any tips to make it extra special for my Wife will be greatly appreciated!!

    Kind Regards

    An Excited Scotsman

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    Default Great trip !

    Congratulations and welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    Your trip is a very popular one and quite an incredible one as well, you will so many great sights and the diversity is amazing, you will find lots of info on RTA if you need it by way of the search button.
    To cover a couple of points, firstly I would book your car in advance. You can get great deals on line and do you really want the hassle of arriving on your honeymoon tired and jet lagged and then have to trounce around looking for a deal ? Nah ! ;-)

    As for the Helicopter trip, personally I would recommend leaving Vegas a day early and drive to the South rim witness a glorious sunset [it doesn't get any more romantic than that] and stay in or near to the park before heading to Palm springs. The Helicopter flights do not land in "GC proper" but on Indian lands at the West rim. Spectacular, but not the same in my book. Of course you can have the best of both worlds by staying at the South rim and taking a flight over the canyon from Tusayan [GC airport]. We found the 45 min flight over Painted desert and North rim to be a fantastic experience.

    As for booking in advance, it's a matter of opinion. As your schedule is pretty much set you might want to consider booking some accommodations, especially if you wish to stay in or close to Yosemite, but I think that it might well be to late already for inside the park and you might have to look to lodgings outside. I guess it's a case of security V's a bit more freedom. I would also recommend booking the Alcatraz tour. They get sold out and it will also save you waiting in long lines for tickets. That is the only official sight for tickets to Alcatraz, the other company's sell you other tours with it to make their money.
    When you are in Yosemite don't miss the great view from Glacier point, it's breath taking. On your way to Vegas you will be best off staying to the East of the park on your second night, say between Lee vining and Bishop. This will set you up for a nice drive across Death valley and onto Vegas.
    Anything else? Just let us know.

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    Thanks very much Dave, your information is very much appreciated. Thats the Alcatraz tour books....happy days.
    I'll get on to the booking of the cars, i agree with what you are saying, especially after the long flight.
    Can you give me information about Tioga pass?? I have read alot of good things about this route, is this easy to add this in to our journey??

    Again, any other infomation will be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Tioga.

    Can you give me information about Tioga pass??
    The Tioga pass [120] crosses the Sierra's from Yosemite to Lee Vining/Mono lake and is a spectacular drive. From Mono take the 395 South to Lone Pine and then across Death valley to Vegas by way of the 190 and 160. Between Death valley junction and Pahrump Ash Meadow/State line road connect the two. Great landscape !
    It's a popular route and takes a natural direction between Yosemite and Vegas.

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    Thanks again Dave. I am now looking for information or car selection!! We initially thought about a convertible but the boot space won't be practacle, so we are now thinking about a Dodge Caliber?? Have you had any experience of this car and if so would you recommend it and has it got a decent boot?
    Are there any other cars you would recommend, bearing in mind we will have two decent sized suitcases and will be travelling in it for 3 weeks.

    thanks in advance


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    Default Car Types

    In general, you won't be able to reserve a specific make/model of car unless you are willing to be charged a good bit more. My wife and I have always been comfortable in a 'mid-sized' of 'intermediate' These will have a good bit of room both in the 'boot' (We call it the trunk.) and in the front seats (I'm 6'3" and my wife can't bend her right knee.) The other advantage I've found with reserving a car in this class is that while rental companies seldom run out of compact or economy models, they will run out of the mid-sized models frequently enough that you have a decent chance of being upgraded to a full-sized car for no extra charge,


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