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  1. Default Daytona Beach, FL to Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

    I plan to make a half-country road trip next month, from FL to CO and back, just me and one other person (so far as i know), in a 2 door Nissan, not sure of the mpg, but i do know that it only take about $15.00 to fill it up on empty with gas at $2.09 a gallon.

    plan to drive straight through and take driving shifts, and no camping, hotels if possible, food brough from home. and google estimates about a 1-2 day drive.

    I can only see getting together about $1,000.00 for this, and however much friends chip in ($100.00 or so) would that be enough?

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    Default Doesn't Sound Like Much Fun.

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    It's about 1,850 miles from Daytona Beach to Green Mountain Falls. You won't make that in one day. You won't make it in two. You might just make it in three on a Speed Run if all you do is drive and sleep. You're probably looking at $125-150 (minimum) for a one-way drive. Call it $300 round trip including driving around your destination and other side trips. $1000 will easily cover the cost of the trip if you just drive out and back taking a week to 10 days total, including a couple of nights in a motel for at least an occasional shower and a good night's sleep. The problem with trying to do travel on too short a shoestring and not having budgeted enough time is that the whole trip becomes about not spending money instead of having fun, worrying about unexpected problems with no reserve to cover them, and just driving by some wonderful places to explore.


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    for clarification my car is a 1992 two-door Nissan Sentra

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    That's a 17 year old car - is it sound enough to make a long road trip?

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    yes im sure it is, ive driven through several states with it

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