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    So my two best friends and I are taking a trip up to San Francisco for a few days in July--but neither of us have ever been there--and I mean ever!
    What are must-sees? Any exceptional places to eat? And the trip up there needs to be infused with stops. Any special towns/cities to visit?

    We want to take the longer, but more scenic route of the 101, as opposed to the lovely desolation of the 5! What towns/cities could we stop by on the way up that embodies the diversity of California??
    We want to have fun!
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    Would you be willing to take 2 days to get from LA to SF? If so, take the CA-1 coast road instead of 101. This would take you by the Hearst Castle, through Big Sur, and through Carmel and Monterey. You can spend the night in Cambria or San Simeon.

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    Default Worth it!

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    I agree with glc, if you can take a night in between and take the cost road it'll be worth it. If it's a return trip, take 101 up and the coast road back, it'll put the views and pull outs on your side of the road.
    The "usual suspects" in San Fran would include, Union square, China town,Coit tower, Pier 39, the crooked street [Lombard] Ghirardelli Square, a ride over the Golden gate bridge and I would highly recommend a trip to Alcatraz. If you want to go, I book in advance using the link near the bottom of the page, it's the only official booking office where you don't have to book extra tours with it.
    It's a great little City, enjoy !

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    Default Up or down?

    In choosing which direction to do CA1/Big Sur, you need to consider the trade-off between view and fear.

    If your driver or passengers get freaked by big drop-offs into the ocean, you'll be much happier driving north... that way you have an entire lane between you and the (occasional) drop-offs. It's a magnificent drive (esp if you have a convertible), so you should try to do it if at all possible.

    For food options, Cambria at the south end and Carmel/Pacific Grove/Monterey at the north end all have lots of fine restaurants (more options at the north end). My wife and I are particulary fond of Robin's for dinner in Cambria, and Linn's Cafe for breakfast/lunch, but there are plenty more options.

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    We did this whilst in San Fran with urban safariand it was great!!

    They will pick you up from your hotel organise your alcatraz tickets, and drop you off at the alcatraz ferry wharf at the end of the tour.

    If you like Golf, beaches and general scenery, the 17 mile drive at Monterey is a must.

    We stayed at Pismo Beach and Monterey. Both great spots.
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