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    Default Planning a Road Trip. Need Location ideas!

    Hey everyone. Me and my friend are planning a 2 week road trip for the end of this summer. We are both going to save about $800 each, and put 90% of that money towards gas. We plan on sleeping in our car, or in a small tent we bring. The goal is to see how many continental states we can hit, and to stop for one attraction/location in that state. We will be leaving long island, new york, heading to boston, and then moving west. We plan on going west until we hit Devils Tower, Wyoming, and then heading down to Texas, and the moving our way back to NY. Our route isnt set in stone yet. We need ideas for places to see and things to do (the cheaper the better). Our definete locations so far are, Boston Mass, The Rock n Roll hall of fame in Cleveland, The Badlands, Devils Tower Wyoming, and Nashville Tenn.

    So my question is where are some other great places to see. Both me and my friend are college students so we are looking for some crazy stuff.

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    You are going to need a heck of a lot more than 800 bucks each for 2 weeks on the road.

    Where are you planning on sleeping in the car? This is not legal in many places, and can be decidedly unsafe. Campsites are generally not free. Food costs money. Many attractions have admission fees.

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    Find your place at

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    Default Reality check !

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums !

    I am sorry but just throwing suggestions in your direction when you are trying to cover as much of the country as poss would take pages and pages, and we don't even know your interests ! You might find this A-Z list of places some help to get you started.

    Now I think you need to sit back and check the reality of it all and start to budget/plan properly. You say you are going to use 90% of your money on gas. That would mean spending over $1400 on gas and $200 on food for 14 days for 2 people plus other expenses. That's roughly $7 a day each and you would need to cover 1000 miles a day [estimated] to spend that on gas.
    Now if you drove 550 miles a day, every day, which would be 9-10 hours of driving with short stops, you would cover 7,700 miles. At 20 mpg and say $2.2 per gallon would put your gas budget around the $850 mark. That would leave you $750 for 2 people for 14 days, that would mean just over $26 a day each. Not a lot, especially if you want to get into National parks etc, but you could buy there annual pass for $80 that allows you entrance to all parks, but doesn't include camping fees. You will need to camp as there is no way you can spend 10 hours a day in a car driving and then try and sleep in it for 2 weeks. You won't get any where near a good nights sleep and will be exhausted after a 2 or 3 days. The outline of your trip is in the region of 5500 miles and so depending on how many miles you clock up trying to "hit those other States" will alter your budget accordingly.

    Have a good look around the forums and use the search button for ideas and when you have something a little more "set out" let us know and we can help "fine tune" your trip.
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    Default budget busters

    I too have some concerns with your plans that are similar to some of the others.

    My first thought is what kind of car do you have that you think you'll be able to have 2 people comfortably sleep inside? There are few cars where even one person can get a decent nights sleep, but short of a full sized van or suv, I know of almost no cars where 2 people can really lay down and stretch out. Plus, as has already been mentioned, if you're going to be spending long hours in a car during the day, simply getting out of the car becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.

    I'll also say some of the things you've mentioned will really be tough with your budget. The Rock and Roll HoF costs more than $20 for admission, for example. When you've already got a budget where you'll barely be able to afford food, things like are nearly impossible to fit into your spending plan.

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