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    Default Motorcycle - Virginia to Washington

    Hello everyone. I'm getting ready to move cross country from Virginia to Washington State. I'm going to drive with the family and two cars starting on May 28th and anticipate getting to Seattle on 2 June. After I get the family situated, I'm flying back to Virginia and getting my Harley and riding it back to Washington. I have a family reunion in Madison, WI 12-16 June, so I will ride there first, but after that I'm completely open to suggestions on routes.

    I do need to get back to WA somewhat quickly, but I'm also open to an extra day or two of riding. Things I'm concerned with are typical weather patterns.. is it always dumping down rain in Bozeman, MT in the middle of June? I'm looking for a good ride and I'm hoping to bypass any typical bad weather.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a ton,


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    Default Welcome to my part of the country!

    And welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    Virginia to Seattle will take all of the five days you've alloted, driving via the quickest route (I-70, I-80, I-90). You will not have time for any exploring along the way. Please plan numerous short stops daily for the kids to stretch their legs, and for you and your spouse as well so you'll keep alert. If you can add a day or two to this in order to have a bit more time to explore and, thus, be a more fun trip for all you, especially the kids, please do so.

    According to The Weather Channel, Bozeman only averages about 2.65" of rain during the month of June. I would hardly call that dumping down. In Western Washington, that's downright drought conditions, LOL. Of course, who knows if the whole 2.65" will come down during your trip or if this June will be wetter or drier than normal patterns? About the best you can do is check the forecasts shortly before leaving to see what they predict and plan accordingly.

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