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    Me and my best friend want to do a road trip from her house in Sonoma California (hour and a half from sanfran) to mine in New Haven, Connecticut during june/july of 2010. Its sorta a last hurra type of thing before we both go off to college. We want to see A LOT, and so the time aspect doesnt matter all that much (we were thinking of even doing one road trip from her house to mine across the top/middle of the US, and then another from my house back to hers accross the middle/bottom of the US). We both have a good amount of family spread throughout the US, but were wondering if anyone had any suggestions for places to go. Weve both been to the major land marks/attractions, so any suggestions for little, quirky, unknown places would be great!


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    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    It's a bit hard to give you quick answer to your question. It really depends on which upper/middle/bottom route(s) you decide to take. There are quirky places all over. I, too, am a fan of the Triple-T (tacky tourist trap) and will spend quite a bit of time looking for them.

    If you have specific routes in mind, it would help us narrow down our recommendations. However, I think this is something you might enjoy searching out yourselves. And there is a wealth of information here. You might start with clicking on "Site Directory" above and scroll down to "Destinations & Attractions". Once there, clicking on several of the options will give you lots of ideas. I'd start with "Cool Places to Explore", "Roadside Wonders", and "Roadside Americana".

    Once you start getting your ideas together, we'll be glad to help you further by helping you tweak your trip to get the most fun out of it. But I really think you're going to have a better trip if you do a bit more planning yourself so you can choose the quirky stuff that appeals to you the most.

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