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  1. Default Las Vegas to San Francisco in 5 days

    I am leaving Las Vegas early morning on July 18. I have to be in San Francisco by July 22nd the latest. I want to visit the Grand Canyon and take the most scenic route to San Francisco including the Pacific Coast HIghway, BIg Sur, etc.

    I would also need lodging recommendations as well along the way (romantic and scenic bed and breakfasts maybe?)

    Would someone make recommendations please.
    Thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With 5 days, I don't think I would try to fit in much more than you're already looking at. Your first day you could drive to the Canyon and look around. The second day, I'd spend a little more time there, and then maybe exit to the east following the rim and then head south towards Flagstaff. Depending upon how much time you spend there, either stay the night in Flagstaff or start making your way a little ways west. Its then a full day drive onto the central coast, so I'd plan to arrive in the San Luis Obispo area the afternoon/evening of day 3, day 4 could be spent just exploring the Big Sur/Monterey area, leaving you day 5 to arrive in SFO.

    There are hundreds of other threads with ideas for a trip in this area, so I'd also look around and see what other ideas people have come up with.

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