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    Hi All
    My family (2 adults and 3 small children) are travelling from Australia around Canada and the US in July and have stumbled on your great website. I am looking for your advice. We have a rough plan but we need help on distances and accommodation. We can fly into Vegas from Canada and travel to the Grand Canyon and possibly out to Monument Valley but we only have 2 days. Is it too far? Or is it better to fly into Flagstaff stay one night in Monument valley and then one night in the grand canyon and then onto Vegas? Can anyone recommend accommodation that is clean but not going to break the bank?

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    Flagstaff would save you some driving time, although your flight options would be much more limited, especially if you are coming in from Canada. Since you'd likely be able to get a direct flight to Vegas or Phoenix, and you'd certainly have a connection to get to Flagstaff, its hard to say how much time you'd actually end up saving.

    If flying at all is included in your 2 days available here, then I'd say its simply not possible to see both the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley on this timeline. Even if you just did the Canyon, you'd be looking at losing at least half a day during your flight, and then you'd have another half day to get from Phx or Las Vegas to Drive to the canyon, basically, that entire first day will be a travel day. Its then another 5-6 hours to drive back to Las Vegas, so even the best case, you'd only have a very quick half day at the Canyon and that's without any time at Monument Valley.

    Just for your own perspective, its a good 8 hour drive from Las Vegas to Moument Valley, so its very difficult to do it as a trip all by itself in just 2 days, since you've got basically 2 full days of driving to get there and back. Even at the fastest pace, you really need 3 days to do both of these places as a trip from Las Vegas.

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