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  1. Default cheapest camper van for a week


    I am flying to chicago from sunny england next month, and have a week to spare when i get there.

    I was hoping to hire a campervan for a week, but the only ones i can find are the really big RV types. there will only be 2 of us travelling, so could do with something cheaper and smaller.

    i noticed the link for these on another thread -

    but they only rent from San Francisco....

    Does anyone know of any similar cheap campervans that can be hired from chicago??

    Thanks for your help


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    Default searching required

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't know if you'll find anyone else with a setup exactly like that, but basically a class B RV is basically a camper van. I'm not sure of what specific companies that might work with you on a rental, and they aren't going to be nearly as common as a class A or C, but I think you'll just have to start searching the internet until you find a company that might have something available. The request really is just too specific and the potential companies are just too large to be able to tell you much more than that.

  3. Default

    thanks Michael.

    even knowing that campervans are basically class B RVs gives me something to start hitting google with!



    My other plan was to maybe get an internal flight somewhere, then tour round for 5 days... i quote fancy florida maybe. Fly into Fort Myers - stop off at Everglades, Miami, The Keys

  4. Default what to do for a week in June?

    i am visiting a friend in Chicago and have a week to spare while I am there, and fancy hiring a campervan for a week and seeing some sights.

    I am either going to:

    1. just travel around the chicago area
    2. fly to florida and travel for a week round Everglades/ Miami/ Keys etc
    3. fly to California and travel for a week around LA/ San Fran / etc

    What do you recommend??

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    Default what are you looking for

    Any of those options could certainly make for a good trip, it just depends upon what you are looking for. If you stay in Chicago, you'll basically have 2 extra days, since you won't have to waste days flying, but certainly Calfornia and Florida both have pretty amazing things that you could see too.

  6. Default

    thanks Michael.

    im basically after a fairly relaxing time - some good weather, nice beaches, and visits to the national parks.

    how do the beaches and weather compare between california and southern florida??

    also, is yosemite within driving distance from LA?


    PS - regarding my earlier post, if you have any ideas for the cheapest "class B RV" for a week in either Florida or California it would be much appreciated!

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    Default Either is good

    For the weather, I would prefer California as it will be warm, hot in places, but most places won't be extremely hot. Plus, it has a nice humidity level, not much but not too dry either. Florida will probalby be hotter and tends to be extremely humid.

    For the swimming, I would prefer Florida. The waters are far warmer in the Atlantic on the east coast, than the Pacific on the west coast. Far warmer. I've read that temps can be as much as 30 degrees different between the two.

    Yosemite is just over 300 miles from LA, easily done in a day.

    There is no way we can suggest specific companies for cheapest RV rentals. The specific dates alone can effect the rental price depending on stock-on-hand during the time you need it.

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    Default San Fran ?

    Don't know about the beaches but if Yosemite and a cheap camper van are both strong contenders then why not consider starting out from San Fran, I think it's a great little city and you could also take a ride down to Carmel or /and the Seqouia NP from Yosemite as well as an Alcatraz tour, golden gate etc.
    Out of your options there are no bad ones so go with your instincts.

  9. Default 3 nights to get from San Diego to Yosemite...

    what route would you take??

    My initial plan was to travel up the coast, and then cut across just before San Fran. But I will already have spent a while in San Diego and quite fancy a change from the beach scene.

    one idea was to take a more "inland" route. i quite like the idea of staying at some smallers towns in a motel, have a few beers in the local bar, etc. maybe even take in a wine tour?

    I dont have an experience of the area away from the coast, so any suggestions of things to do and places to stay would be greatly appreciated.

    i travel to san diego on monday, so should probably decide soon!
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    Default options

    If you've got 4 days, then you've got a whole bunch of options, including the coast. I will say that the Central California coast is more rocky than beachy, so even that should be a change from San Diego.

    However, I would probably lean towards the more direct option going up through Utah. You could easily stop at Zion and Bryce during a 3 day trip, and with a 4th, fitting in the Grand Canyon would work quite nicely.

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