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  1. Default Summer roadtrip starting in Newark

    Hi everybody,

    we are two Dutch students who are planning a road trip this summer. We will arrive in Newark international airport on the 6th of july and return home on the 3th of august (28 days in total). We are planning to first go and visit some relatives up in Shippensburg Pennsylvania.

    From there on we are free to go wherever we want.

    At the end of our trip we want to go to Pittsburgh for a couple of days because I also have some family there who want to show us some things.
    So we have somewhere around 3 weeks to drive around :)

    we are planning on taking the skyline drive

    and from there driving further south maybe even to jacksonville.

    then going west towards Pensacola and from there north to nashville and then back to Pittsburg.

    Of course this is just a very general idea and all suggestions and tips are more then welcome. Maybe anybody has made a trip that fits this general plan that we could use and look at as a example.

    greetings Mikey (my real name is Michiel but nobady in the US seems to know how to pronounce it correctly)

    P.s. sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes (I'm Dutch remember)

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I think you've got a good start to your trip. Shenandoah and the Skyline Drive is one of my favorite areas.

    Are you flying out of the same airport when you return home?

    For some ideas for places along your general route, you might want to consult these items:

    Start with day 2 on this trip among the Appalachians.

    Here are some ideas for day trips near Jacksonville.

    What kind of things are you most interested in? It sounds like you'd enjoy mixing up some days in the city with other days out exploring the exurbs.

  3. Default return

    Thx. for the reply and the useful information.

    yes, we are also flying back from Newark.

    Ive done a road trip four years back in the west. (San Fransisco, Las Vegas, LA, incl. allot of the national parks there). We started of rushing from one highlight to the next and it got tiring already after a few days. Then we decided to shorten the route and just take it easy. That's when we realy started enjoying the road trip experience.

    We are both interested in History and American Culture. And though we both like (big) city's we do really want to see the more outback less traveled country roads. So we are planning on frequently driving off the common interstate roads trough whatever town or village sounds interesting.
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