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    Default Texas or Wyoming?

    Hello again

    It's quite a while since I was last here and thanks to everyone who gave us some great advice.We had a great trip last sept to LA, Death Valley, Pahrump and Las vegas NV. Kanab UT Lake powell UT, Grand Canyon, Williams AZ, Needles and Barstow CA and back to Pomona for the last 2 nights. We had a brill 3 weeks and are now planning our next trip but can't make our minds up between Texas or Wyoming.

    We would like to go to Yellowstone park but I am Asthmatic and I have read that anyone with breathing problems should avoid it because it is 7000 ft above sea level.

    Can anyone help us with this delemma


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    Default How'd you do at the Grand Canyon?

    Quote Originally Posted by gemsmum View Post
    We had a brill 3 weeks and are now planning our next trip but can't make our minds up between Texas or Wyoming.
    Well, how'd the elevation affect your when you visited the Grand Canyon. Most of the south rim is ~6800 feet and if you went to Grandview Point, that is 7200 feet. Not all of Wyoming is over 7000 feet -- It's true that elevation can certainly pack a whallop and cause asthmatics true problems but in terms of beauty and diversity -- Wyoming can't be beat.

    Texas is great too, of course.


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    Thanks Mark for you reply

    My health was great at the grand canyon and had no problem with my breathing in fact I had no problems at all in the USA.

    I guess it will come down to a toss of the coin to decide which state to go to.



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    If the trip is in august/september I'd go Wyoming, if it's october/november I'd go to Texas. Just mho

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