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    I am picking up a car in Portland, ORegon and driving to NY ( next week!). I have about one week and plan to take scenic highways until I hit the Badlands, then straight out. Any suggestions on routing?

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    This is going to be one of those RoadTrips where necessity will drive your basic route but enjoyment will drive the particulars. You really only have a little over a day's worth of 'free time' to distribute among stops on the way, so keep that in mind in your planning. The route that probably works best in both getting you to New York in a week and lets you see some great sights is I-84 and US-395 up the Columbia River to join I-90 east. Take US-89 south from Livingston to see Yellowstone and then US-14 east out of the park to rejoin I-90 again near the Badlands. After that, you'll have to see how much time you have left, because you'll need a good solid three days to make it the rest of the way to New York if you just stay on I-90/I-80 and don't stop for much else.

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    All the Yellowstone roads may not be open by next week, you need to check on that before you commit to a routing through the park.


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