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    Hi Everyone,

    I am seeking a bit of help / advice. Unsurprisingly I am planning a road trip to the USA. It will be in the summer of 2010. The plan is for me, and two friends to drive right across America and back in a big loop, starting and finishing in New York. We are all male and will be 21 yrs old, so we are looking to have as much fun as possible making the most of the night life and the steaks!
    We intend to start in NYC and head towards Chicago, Las Vegas then onto San Francisco, Down to LA, then San Diego. We are then intending to head back to NYC, via the south stopping at Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma, Charleston; up the coast through DC and finally arriving back where we started. If all goes to plan it will be a journey on epic proprtions totalling c.7500 miles. I have done a few road trips in the past, but only here in the UK.

    So that is the general outline. Time wise we are intending to spread it over two months. It is a deferred GAP year after university, so we thought it would be best to do it now so we can get the best out of the USA being 21, and we can spend as long as we want taking detours etc.

    Vehicle wise there will be 1 motorcycle ( a specially adapted touring motorcycle). My main issue that I am dealing with is the car. It will have to be hard wearing, reliable and comfortable. It also has to be big to carry luggage, equipment and act as support for the bike. I do not particularly want to rent a car as it will get a lot of rough treatment, and that brings time constraints and buying a car would be a lot of hassle with change of ownership etc. I am currently trying to get land rover sponsorship to take a discovery. And one option I am considering is shipping a car to NY. Has anyone ever done that?

    I have never used this forum before and thought that this would be the place to get advice and help due to how specific it is! Please, any thoughts or comments are most welcome as proprer preparation is vital for such a trip.

    Many thanks

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Other visitors from Europe have been in the same boat regarding procuring a car. Unfortunately, it is neither easy nor cheap to purchase a car as a foreign national with no permanent address in the United States. As a general rule, it is not worth trying for visits of less than three months due to the amount of time that will be spent buying at the beginning, selling at the end, and the fact that insurance must be obtained for at least six months. You should have a read through this discussion as well as this one for some more details. Similarly, renting a car with 2 drivers both under 25 will be very expensive. Besides the nominal rental fee, there will be an underage surcharge of around $25/day for each driver and that adds up quickly on a long term rental. The, as you note, if you drive the car harder than you can clean up with a simple car wash at the end, you'll be hit with damage fees unless you've taken out their expensive short term insurance coverage. I realize these are not the answers you were hoping to hear. but those are the facts that you'll have to confront as you try to make this a reality.


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    Disclaimer - I have no personal knowledge of their reliability, but you might want to contact these people.

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    Unfortunately, the one experience that we have had reported on the site glc mentions as been less than positive. In fact, the only positive reference I can find to them in a quick web search is a simple listing of them on the Lonely Planet website. Since they are based in Seattle, WA, I doubt that they can be of much use to you in New York. Still, if you manage to contact them (or not) and have a positive experience (or not), please let us know.


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    Cheers guys for the advice, ill look into all the options a bit more and try to come up with a solution that wont be too bank busting!

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