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  1. Default SF to Barstow to Holbrook to Tucamcari to Shawnee to Memphis to Lookout Mountain, GA

    In August, my husband and I will be driving our daughter to college in Lookout Mountain, GA (very close to Chattanooga). It's about a 2400 mile drive and I've broken it up into ~400 mile days. This is the route that Google Maps gave me (though I broke it up into the smaller pieces).

    Any suggestions as to:
    1. things to do on the different legs (I'm already thinking Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest)
    2. should I change the route?
    3. suggestions for places to stay
    4. Google maps suggests going from Memphis to Nashville & then back down to Lookout Mountain. Is it a problem to take the smaller roads through southern Tennessee instead?

    Thanks so much!

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    I've never done it, but I don't see why you couldn't take US-64 across southern TN. It will add time to the trip even though it's less miles. However, if you like country music, Nashville is one of the premier places to visit.

    Holbrook has a motel where you can stay in an Indian teepee. Otherwise, I can recommend the Motel 6, it's a good one, well maintained and clean.

    The Grand Canyon isn't something where you should just blow through, I'd plan on at least 4 to 6 hours there - ideally spend a night in or near the park.

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    You might consider taking US 72 out of Memphis. It runs across northern Miss and Ala and is all 4 lane except for a short stretch near the Tn/Ms line. Hwy 64 through Tn still has a lot of 2 lane traveling through a lot of towns. Hwy 72 runs through quite a few towns but its not bad running. If you decide to go that way take I 55 south when you get to Memphis, to I 240 east to sr 385{it only goes 1 way}. 385 is a 4 lane expressway, take it to Collierville and exit there onto 72 East. Its about 4 miles to the Ms line and as soon as you cross into Ms it turns to 4 lane. Take 72 to Muscle Shoals Al. Pick up Us 72 alternate there and take it east. It runs into I 565 and that will take you through Huntsville to US 72 again. From there it is about 80 miles to I 24 about 20 miles out of Chattanooga. It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is because there are very few turns. I allways made better time running from Memphis to Chattanooga going that way than staying on I 40 & I 24.


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