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    Our road trip begins on around June 15th and ends on August 1st.
    We have approx. 45 days to be on road

    We plan to visit every nook and corner of the US within the 45 days and be back in SFO by Aug 1st.

    This will be a family trip exposing 2 young kids to all the best places in the US .. beaches, national parks, museums, educational and fun activities.

    We have already been to NYC, Orlando, Daytona Beach and seen most of the California. So, these places may be excluded.

    Appreciate if anybody who planned a similar road trip has tips, plans, maps, routes, interesting places, recommended night stops, etc. We would like to drive no more than 300 miles a day


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    If the time permits, we would like to cover Canada too for a few days by road. As we are all US citizens with US passports, hope no other travel visas are needed to go to Canada and spend a few days there

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    Default Impossible Parameters -- but high marks for the dream

    Quote Originally Posted by aroundtheUS View Post
    We plan to visit every nook and corner of the US within the 45 days and be back in SFO by Aug 1st....We would like to drive no more than 300 miles a day
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. ...every nook and corner of the US within the 45 days Well, let's see I've driven slightly over 1,000,000 miles in the USA and Canada and I've managed to visit about 30% of the country. If you were really able to visit every nook and corner of America -- It would probably only take 3 to four lifetimes, assuming that you were able to drive 300 miles every day for the next 260+ years.

    If you really drove 300 miles for each of the 45 days, that would only be 13,500 miles and at best you might be able to visit about half of the US states. Perhaps you could narrow your focus a bit and we might be able to offer some tips and suggestions.


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    Mark - Thank you for responding so quickly.

    It is clear, I won't be able to get to every nook and corner within 45 days. I would be happy to cover most of the major sight seeing spots, tourist attractions, national parks, beaches as much as allowed within the 45 days and a maximum of 300 miles a day driving. I do not want kids to be stuck longer than 4 to 5 hours a day in a minivan

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    With a 45-day window, you could see many of the natural & human-created wonders found in the states west of the Mississippi River. The realistic fastest possible distance that you can travel in the USA in a minivan on a family road trip over a four hour period is 230 miles and since it is unlikely that you'd want to be on the road every day -- some days you probably should hole up in motels and let the kids play in the pool and relax or take a walk with a ranger in a park or just play... a reasonable top mileage for the round trip trip would be about 7200 miles -- you might be able to stretch this to 8000 miles, but that would be the top end. With a parameter of 7200 miles it is not realistic to try and reach all of the major tourist attractions in the USA. A trip that went to just the national park and national recreation areas in the USA would be well over 20,000 miles....

    My suggestion is that you really think about what kind of trip you are looking to embark upon -- and decide what areas of the country most appeal to you and then you can begin to create some reasonable parameters for planning this trip. I have driven as many as 22,000 miles in a month --- and believe me, you don't want to inflict this kind of holiday trip on your family!

    And I would read this article about planning family road trips to get the process started.

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