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    I'll be both tent camping and hiking in the Grand Canyon this year. I have absolutely no experience with desert terrain/heat.

    What I've gathered so far is that I'll need a good hat (maybe straw cowboy hat?) and a good lightweight pair of hiking boots.

    If you have any additional tips on clothing, or anything else I might not have taken into account, please share!

    Any recommendations on socks to wear under those hiking boots so they won't be drenched in sweat/chafing/SMELLY!? :)

    Also, recommendations of clothing brands would be helpful, too. I'm not sure where to start looking. I'm young and female, if that matters.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default You need a pro

    I'd suggest going into an REI (hopefully they exist where you live) and asking for help there. The staff in REI typically are hobbyists in the area they work in (e.g. bikers in the bike dept, campers in the camping dept).

    I'd trust them. Not too sure about other stores.

    REI also will have a load of books on camping/hiking, some of which will be intended for desert camping/hiking.

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