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    Hi there !

    I'm planning a trip to the US in June next year with my wife and our 3 yo old. It will be the first time in the US for us.

    We will have (just) 19 days in total for us, and so far I have come up with two itineraries:

    # 1:

    Day 1 Flight Denmark - San Francisco
    Day 2 San Francisco
    Day 3 San Francisco
    Day 4 San Francisco
    Day 5 Drive San Francisco - San Luis Obispo
    Day 6 Drive - Los Angeles
    Day 7 Los Angeles
    Day 8 Los Angeles
    Day 9 Los Angeles
    Day 10 Drive Los Angeles - Oatman, Az
    Day 11 Drive Oatman - Grand Canyon
    Day 12 Drive Grand Canyon - Monument Valley/Kayenta
    Day 13 Drive Monument Valley/Kayenta - Bryce Canyon
    Day 14 Drive Bryce Canyon - Zion - Las Vegas
    Day 15 Las Vegas
    Day 16 DriveLas Vegas - Death Valley NP
    Day 17 Drive Death Valley - Yosemite NP
    Day 18 Drive Yosemite NP - San Francisco
    Dau 19 Flight San Francisco - Denmark

    or # 2:

    Day 1 Flight Denmark- NYC
    Day 2 NYC
    Day 3 NYC
    Day 4 Flight NYC - Phoenix and Drive Grand Canyon
    Day 5 Drive Grand Canyon - Monument Valley/Kayenta
    Day 6 Drive Monument Valley/Kayenta - Bryce Canyon
    Day 7 Drive Bryce Canyon - Zion - Las Vegas
    Day 8 Las Vegas
    Day 9 Drive Las Vegas - Death Valley NP
    Day 10 Drive Death Valley - Yosemite NP
    Day 11 Drive Yosemite NP - San Francisco
    Day 12 San Francisco
    Day 13 San Francisco
    Day 14 San Francisco
    Day 15 Drive San Francisco - San Luis Obispo
    Day 16 Drive - Los Angeles
    Day 17 Los Angeles
    Day 18 Los Angeles
    Day 19 Flight Los Angeles - Denmark

    In the first option we will get to see the strech between LA and Grand Canyon - some of the old Route 66 and Huckleberry etc.
    In the second option we will have two days in NYC in stead.

    Which you prefer if you were a first time visitor ? And what are your opinion of the scheduled driving days?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I'd prefer not to not have a flight in the middle, rather being able to enjoy one consistent stream of a roadtrip. But, it is understandable that you'd want to see New York City. If you really have your heart set on it, then by all means go there.

    As far as staying near the Grand Canyon in the heart of the peak tourist season - you're going to want to make reservations for a place to stay in the area. You might even be able to get a place in the park if you set up your reservation now or soon (some places won't take them more than a year out).

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    I agree with Tim, that if it was me, I'd prefer option one. You're going to have more time to simply enjoy your trip, than if you try to basically pack your itinerary full by hitting basically the same places, and add NYC and a cross country flight to your plans. Unless NYC is an absolute must see for you, and if you dont think you'll ever have the chance to come back to visit the east coast, I'd take option one.

    A couple things about your specific plans, since you are traveling in June, there is a chance that Tioga Pass will still be closed, limiting your options of travel between Death Valley and Yosemite.

    I'll also note that if you do option 2, you'd be setting yourself up for a very long day by trying to fly from NYC to Phx and then drive up to the Grand Canyon. By the time you factor in drive times, flight times, time for security, and getting your rental car/luggage at the airport, you'd easily be looking at 10 hours of work before you've even arrived at the canyon.

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    Default Ditto.

    Pretty much echoing what the others have said, I would take option one but if New York is a must see for you then it will work if you want it to.
    With option one I would drop a day in SF or LA for a night in Zion, it's a great place with easy walks through the canyon. To be honest I would have a day less in each of them and have an extra night in Yosemite as well.
    As Michael pointed out the Tioga pass[120] access would need checking on but looking at your dates the very earliest you would be there is 17th June which puts the odds strongly in your favour.

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    Hi Tim, Michael and Dave !

    Thank you so much for taking your time in replying.

    Based on your answers I have now dropped option 2, and will save NYC for a future east coast trip instead.

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