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  1. Default favorite drive-by route from San Francisco, CA to Raleigh, NC

    Hi, all!

    Short version:

    Which quick-cross-country routes do folks favor for the scenery and diversity of landscape? (Preferably something that will get me from SF to Raleigh in 5-6 days!)

    Long version is as follows:

    First cross-country trip, but have road-tripped before.
    Time frame of 6ish days
    Traveling mid-May
    Starting in San Francisco, CA, ending in Raleigh, NC
    Traveling solo
    Love to drive, enjoy beautiful scenery, but get sick of the road/my seat/my own company by about day 3
    NOT a fan of traffic, big cities, or strip malls
    Dig off-beat roadside attractions and desolately beautiful landscapes

    Since I'm both pilot and navigator, a relatively simple but interesting route is best. I appreciate changing and beautiful landscapes, but with a deadline, expect to be appreciating them through a windshield while driving by.

    The most direct route for my destination seems to be to head south and get onto I-40 before driving straight across the USA, but I'm wondering whether it might be a more interesting route to take I-80 to I-70 to I-40? (but along which parts?)

    So I'd would love to hear some opinions about which straight-across-quickly route has the loveliest and most often-changing scenery, from folks in the know!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I-80 to SAC, US-50 to I-70 in Utah, I-70 to STL, I-64 to Charleston WV, I-77 to I-74 to US-52 to Winston-Salem, I-40 to Raleigh. This is 6 SOLID days on the road.

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    Default yeah, that in a nutshell

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd probably agree with GLC for that basic route. You get the lonliest road in Nevada, the Great Mountain travels through Utah and Colorado (probably my favorite section of interstate anywhere), the Plains of Kansas, the cities of KC and St Louis, and then a nice trip through the hills and mountains of the east.

  4. Default Thank you!

    I appreciate both the route and commentary - thanks for the help!

    I've got a few friends along the way on the I-40 route (Albuquerque and OK) - any thoughts on how it compares, for someone who's never taken either?

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    I-40 does not have anywhere near the spectacular scenery, but if you can squeeze out a little extra time you can take a side trip to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.

  6. Default Poifect

    Just what I wanted to know, GLC - many thanks!

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    Speaking just for me...... There's no comparison. US-50 and I-70 have no equal.

    Your decision is going to be to decide between family and scenic route.

    Lifey in St Paul MN

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    I'm lucky enough to have friends who understand that we each need to find our own paths through life, literal or otherwise. I'm not saying it won't be a disappointment not to see them, but I'm also looking forward to a time of solitude and self-reflection on this trip.

    ~ peace ~

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    You will definitely have solitude on US-50 across Nevada. If you have to get there in 6 days, that would preclude any significant side trips. An exact breakdown of 5 nights on the road would give you:

    Austin, NV
    Green River, UT
    Burlington, CO
    Columbia, MO
    Lexington, KY

    Some of those are pretty small towns without many lodging choices. This will have you on the road for about 9 hours a day plus whatever significant stops you make.

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    Nothing like the spare beauty of the desert to help a person see the reality of that which lies within.

    Thanks for the breakdown, GLC - I expect I'll be on the lookout for campgrounds or somesuch along the way, once I give up sleeping in the car. Sounds like you've taken this route more than once yourself?

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