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    Hi everyone!

    This site is great and I'm glad it's available.

    A couple of us are planning a road trip from Chicago to Bend, Oregon to L.A and back to Central US (Noblesville IN to be exact) in the 3rd week of May. We have 9.5 days to work with (hopefully we can leave in the afternoon on May 20th), we have to be in Indiana by the 29th (going to NIN/Jane's Addiction concert the next day... woowhoo!).

    So far we've decided on taking the I-80 on the way to Oregon. We'd spend 1 day there with family and then head out for L.A. In L.A we'd stay till Sunday. Leaving either in the morning on Sunday or in the afternoon. We want to stop in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and other small attractions on the way back (pit stops of course), but we're not sure if we have time.

    Any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You can probably make it Bend and LA, but you're not going to have time to make any extra stops along the way, and you're going to be looking at long driving days, every day of your trip. You really don't even have time to spend even one full day visiting your family or a full day in LA.

    Its a solid 4 day drive from Chicago to Bend (driving about 10 hours a day). So if you left on the 20th, you might be able to get there by the night of the 23rd.

    Its another day and a half to 2 days to LA, taking I-5, so if you left Bend on the afternoon of 24th, you could probably be there by the evening of the 25th.

    Then you're looking at another 4 days back to Indiana, so you'd have to leave on morning of the 26th, to get back to Indiana by the evening of the 29th.

    Is that really the kind of trip you have in mind? Since you're talking about leaving LA and heading back towards home on Sunday (the 24th), I suspect you've greatly underestimated just how much driving you really have to do here. There simply is no safe way that you can leave Chicago the afternoon on a Wednesday and travel through Oregon and even arrive in LA by Sunday, much less be ready to start heading for home at that point.

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