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  1. Default Florida - Vegas.. help / suggestions please

    Myself & My husband are arriving in Orlando in December.. we then have 30 days exploring to day and will end up in Las Vegas...
    Does anyone know the cheapest car hire company to use for car rental ?
    Does anyone have suggestions at states to explore on the way?
    Would love some idea's please!

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    Default too vauge

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry to tell you that you just haven't told us enough for us to really help you at this point. A month is a wonderful amount of time to explore the US, and with the time you've got available, you could go just about anywhere. Trying to pinpoint specific places to go in a country as vast as this, especially when you haven't said anything about what you are hoping to see and do, just isn't possible.

    There also is no single answer for car rental companies either. Any car company could be the cheapest depending upon the exact details of your trip. You'll just have to shop around, and see what will work best for you.

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    I will join this thread and see if I can get some help as well.

    I will be flying to Miami the 16th of November and make my way to vegas by the 1st of December. Is there any events going on? Music festival, comedy shows etc?

    The rough Plan so far looks like this:

    Miami - Everglades, and Miami Beach.
    Orlando - Just cruising :)
    New Orleans - no specific reason, always wanted to visit so any good cajun food places?

    Dallas - suggestions of shows, sport events etc??

    Vegas - been a couple of times, so know what to do and stay away from :)

    Dont mind taking a few extra turns to avoid just being on the highway all the time, want to see some small 1 road/main street towns if possible. Also is there a 6 flag in the neighbour hood I can reach, or any other good amusemant parks with roller coasters.

    We are flying in from Sweden, so even though it wont be warm we will find it warm enough.

    So basically if there are any events or fun thing to do somewhere around that trip it would be cool to get some tips. Got some time to change the plans of the trip, all I know is that we are landing in Miami on the 16th of November and leaving Vegas on the 6th of December

    Appreciate any help or suggestions.

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    Default a few ideas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    November is usually too late in the year for Music Festivals, but you should be able to find a good concert or comedy club in just about any city you visit.

    If sports are on your list, you'll be here during the (american) Football, Basketball, and Hockey Seasons. Both Miami and Dallas have professional teams for all three sports, however if you really want a fun American experience, you might want to spend a Saturday checking out a College Football game, especially since you'll be traveling through the Southeast, where college football really is the king of sports for that region.

    The original Six Flags (over Texas) is located in Arlington TX, just outside of Dallas. The problem is that the park is largely closed in November (it gets quite cool, and can even snow at this time of year in Dallas). Your best bet for theme parks would probably be the wide variety of Disney/Universal/Busch parks near Orlando, or waiting until you get to Vegas and ride some of the coaster at the casinos.

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