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    My friend and I are taking my aunts car and dog from Boston to San Fran. this summer. We'll be flying back, while my aunt will be driving back.

    We can take as long as we want, and since neither of us has been to the west coast before, we want to make sure we take our time and see the sights. We know we want to go to the Grand Canyon, but beyond that, we really aren't sure what to see or which routes to take.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? If it matters, we're both 20 years old.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since you haven't said what you and your friend would consider 'the sights', then just very generally, I'd suggest that you consider starting out by seeing some of the major east coast cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Washington, maybe including a bit of coast line in New Jersey, and then head inland a bit to follow the Appalachians sown through Virginia to the smoky Mountains, then turn west through Tennessee and Kentucky to St Louis. From there head west across the plains to Colorado where you'll cross the Rockies to Arches National Park before heading south and west through Monument Valley on the way to the Grand Canyon. Finish off by heading up through Death Valley and across the Tioga Pass into Yosemite before completing your journey to San Francisco and you'll have seen much of the best the country has to offer. Plan on at least 10 days to two weeks to make it a worthwhile expedition.


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    Default I disagree just a teensy bit

    I wouldn't bother with the nearby cities/coasts as you have either already seen them or will probably have many opportunities to see them without too much time or expense. So, if I were you, I'd consider following the general route AZBuck laid out, as it's a good one, I'd just pick it up a bit farther west or south.

    If you have time, instead of heading straight to Death Valley, I'd circle north to the Grand Canyon's North Rim, take in Bryce and Zion national parks. They are all so magnificent and so close to where you'll be that it's a shame to miss them, imho.

    While you're planning your route, feel free to keep asking questions and we'll help you tweak things.

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